Post degree training appointments are for individuals who are not matriculated students and who are appointed primarily for the pursuit of advanced study or research, usually at the postdoctoral level. Coincidental benefit accruing to the University or granting agency as a result of the appointee’s activities does not preclude such an appointment. The work of individuals appointed to these titles should be independent or self-directed, subject only to such supervision as might be given by a teacher to a student. Such work should be contrasted with duties assigned under the direct supervision and control of the employer primarily for the benefit of the University or granting agency.

+Research Intern

CALS Research Intern Policy

  • A Research Intern is an employee who is continuing training directly following receipt of a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • The responsibilities of the position must be consistent with the last degree received (i.e., degree in history is not appropriate for an individual developing research methodology in dairy science).
  • Duties must be consistent with employee in training responsibilities and provide continued applicable training for the individual.
  • Prior approval from CALS HR is required before a Research Intern will be appointed.
  • A resume and job description will need to be submitted with your request for hiring approval.
  • Appointments are typically 100% FTE and at least 1 year in duration.  Anything less requires unit justification and approval by Associate Dean for HR.
  • The duration of the appointment should not exceed three years.
  • Departments will be notified if their request has been approved or denied via email.